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Booking Terms & Conditions

There is a requirement for a minimum of 5 delegates to be booked and confirmed in order to run any course unless prior agreement has been made with Nichol Associates Ltd.

Please be aware that if minimum numbers can not be met for courses Nichol Associates Ltd reserves the right to cancel planned dates.


Cancellation fees for all training courses or places cancelled for whatever reason on the following scale;

•             Cancellation 15-21 days inclusive prior to course date – 50% of fees

•             Cancellation 0-15 days inclusive prior to course date – 100% of fees

The Contract

The terms and conditions as set out here, together with the booking form comprise your agreement with Nichol Associates Limited. This agreement shall prevail over any marketing material or any electronic, written or oral representation made to you by Nichol Associates Limited, its employees or agents. However, the contract is not completed until the receipt of cleared payment for the course booked. This will be confirmed by email or in writing before the course commences. Please check the acknowledgment carefully. Any errors should be brought to our attention within five days of the date issued or contents will be presumed to be correct.

The course and our obligations

Nichol Associates Limited agrees to provide you with the training course indicated at the point of booking. The course includes all necessary tuition and supervision in order for you to complete the course and obtain the relevant course qualification, provided you attend the course without interruption. Training centres are accredited by the appropriate awarding body and due to the nature of the training some are in rural locations with basic facilities suitable for the type of external training candidates are undertaking.

Training at client premises

The client will provide adequate quantities of materials and tools for the persons attending the training course. The client will provide suitable premises or site in order for the course to be carried out in a safe manner. The training provider has the right to reject the equipment, materials or training area if they consider it unsatisfactory in the view of safety or delegate/tutor comfort. In extreme circumstances this could lead to the training course being cancelled without refund. The requirements will be supplied to the client upon arranging this option to ensure that they have full information as to the requirements.


Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Cancellation and alteration by Nichol Associates Ltd

As we plan courses many months in advance it is sometimes necessary to make changes to the courses offered on our website or in the information sent to you. We reserve the right to make changes after we have entered into the contract. However, if we have to make major changes to the course you have booked; which includes change of venue, or certifying body or significant change in the duration or date of commencement you have the following options:

a)            Accept the new course, venue or date offered by us.

b)            Cancel your course and receive a full refund of all monies paid. *you must notify us within five days of our offer of an alternative course and if you do not we will take it as your acceptance of the alternative course.*

Cancellation by you

Due to the limited places available for our courses, the cost (less any deposit) is refundable only if a written cancellation is received at our head office at least 21 days prior to the course start date. If you are ill or have an accident which makes you unable to attend the course, once recovered you may continue on a new course (provided you have written evidence from your doctor or hospital). Booked courses are non-transferable. You will not be reimbursed in the event that you do not complete the course for any reason whatsoever.


We ask that you notify the tutor, training supplier or Nichol Associates Ltd immediately of any complaint and every effort will be made to address this in a timely manner. At the end of each course you will be provided with a feedback form and we encourage you to complete this. If you fail to notify us of any problem it may seriously affect any right you may have to compensation. Complaints can be made in writing to our Training Manager – Heather Trow ( - Unit 19 Blue Sky Way, Monkton Business Park South, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear NE31 2EQ.

Attending the course

Normal course times will be notified to you prior to the course commencement or Nichol Associates Ltd may stipulate at the start of the course. You are responsible for travel to and from the training centre. Late arrival may lead to exclusion from the course if the trainer decides that it will disrupt the course that has already commenced. Candidates having any special requirements must advise Nichol Associates Ltd prior to confirming the booking. Where possible subject to the course scheme rules we will advise if we are able to accommodate the requirement. It must be noted that reasonable reading and writing skills (spelling not important) and the ability to understand spoken English without an interpreter is a rule of most courses. Failure to notify us prior to the course commencement will result in the candidate being excluded from the course without reimbursement.

Changes to the course

Nichol Associates Limited reserves the right to make amendments to the published program where such changes are necessitated by factors beyond our control. Nichol Associates Limited and its training suppliers may also vary the course modules from time to time to take account of new regulations or requirements of certifying bodies, we will notify you only if the change is material or constitutes a major change as above, if there is an additional cost you agree to be liable for it.

Our liability to you

We do not control the day-to-day operations of our training suppliers and therefore accept no responsibility for any act they perform which is outside the scope of their duties to us. We accept no responsibility if you suffer death or injury whilst on our course. We cannot accept responsibility for any consequential or indirect loss you suffer even as a result of a breach of duty on our part in contract or tort.


Completion of the course does not guarantee employment in your chosen career and Nichol Associates Limited makes no representation as to your suitability for employment. No representation made to you by Nichol Associates Limited or its employees regarding the likelihood of you obtaining future employment and/or salary are binding on us and do not form part of this agreement.

Disruptive behaviour

Disruptive, threatening or violent behaviour will not be tolerated against any employee of Nichol Associates Limited, its suppliers or any other student.  A breach of this provision may result in your immediate ejection from the course without reimbursement.

Nichol Associates Ltd also operates a strict No Smoking, No Drugs and No Alcohol policy. Any person suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or suspected to have such substances on their person will be asked to leave the premises with immediate effect and will not be reimbursed with any associated training or service costs.


Nichol Associates Limited strongly recommends insurance cover whenever you travel. There is no insurance included in the package and Nichol Associates Ltd is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury that be may incurred en-route to or from the training course.

Duration of courses

Course modules/training days may vary from time to time to keep pace with any new syllabus or regulations.


Exams take place at various times during the course, if applicable are governed by the authorizing bodies. Any re-sits will be paid for by you the candidate.

All replacement certificates incur a charge and costs for replacement certificates vary between awarding bodies.

Governing law and severability

This agreement is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Should any part of this agreement be declared unlawful it shall be deemed deleted from this agreement and the remaining parts shall remain unaffected.

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