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External site health and safety inspections and audits by independent, competent health and safety professionals are now considered an essential part of construction site health and safety arrangements.

Our team of professional auditors can arrange for a thorough site assessment covering all aspects from paperwork and RAMS through to working practices and recording.

Inspections and audits provide reassurance and peace of mind to the clients that the construction work on their projects is being carried out in accordance with legal and best practice requirements and an opportunity for principal contractors and contractors to demonstrate that the safe systems of work and good health and safety standards are being followed on their sites.

Importantly, site inspections form part of the proactive site monitoring arrangements to regularly identify any shortcomings and areas of improvements before they result in any incident or accident on site.

In comparison to regular site health and safety inspections, a health and safety audit is considered more as a one-off exercise to monitor any particular site health and safety related issue.

At Nichol Associates we provide independent site health and safety inspections and audit service.

Our inspections and audit service includes undertaking a thorough site visit (generally unannounced) to identify any shortcomings in the current health and safety arrangements, as well as recognising good practices, and presents a formal written report with identified issues where improvements may be required (with photos where necessary), suggested action plan and target completion time scales where applicable.

Our inspections and audit service is focused on supporting the site managers and supervisors in understanding the legislative and best practice requirements and assist them in rectifying any short comings in a practical and sensible manner.

To learn more about how Nichol Associates can help your business, contact us today.

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