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Risk Assessments and Method Statement


Before commencing any work on asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) a risk assessment must be carried out to assess the potential risk of exposure to asbestos, appropriate steps put in place to prevent or reduce exposure and a suitable and sufficient plan of work must be prepared.


The risk assessment ensures that the scope of the proposed works is properly considered, so the potential risks can be fully established. This will help identify appropriate work methods, so exposure to asbestos can be adequately controlled and legal obligations satisfied.

The risk assessment is a vital first step to inform the plan of work.

The purpose of the method statement is to provide a practical document, which details the specific work methods and control measures for a particular job at a particular location. The document directs the work and is a source of reference for the asbestos removal team.

Occupational Relevance

This course is for you if you have a responsibility for producing risk assessments and plans of work or if you are working for a LARC and require further knowledge and/or development.



This course covers the:

  • Principles of risk assessment

  • Identification and management of risks

  • Legislation relevant to asbestos removal activities

  • Producing a plan of work

  • General health and safety



1/2 day


Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a NAL Risk Assessments and Method Statement (RAMS) certificate.

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